Around the World

The list of Renewable Energy projects is growing daily: Wind Energy in Northern Europe, Solar (PV) Projects in Dubai and the Middle East, Wind, Solar and Geothermal in Kenya, Solar in South Africa, Wind and Solar in the US and all possible forms of Renewable Energy projects in China.

Opportunities for our Engineers and Services are present in almost every country both in the developed world and in the emerging markets.


Emerging Markets

In the emerging markets (Africa, Asia, South America) developments in renewable energy are happening every day and going very fast.

Here is the space for solar energy and wind farms, Hydro dams and dynamic tidal power stations. For the engineering and building of these environmental friendly (green) ways of producing energy, highly skilled and trained professionals are needed.



New Energy Professionals

WTS Energy supplies those professionals. We have the people and offices at exact those locations where these green energy developments are happening.

We have the knowledge to help your company getting the job done for finding those skilled engineers up till all the paperwork and pay rolling.

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