Challenging international drilling jobs

Are you looking for a challenging new drilling job in the oil and gas industry? WTS Energy specializes in recruitment for the entire energy sector, including a variety of drilling jobs worldwide. To start your search, simply browse our current vacancies or create a candidate account and tell us more about your experience.

Senior & entry-level drilling jobs

Whether you're hired directly by the energy company or as part of a team with a drilling contractor, WTS offers drilling jobs for every level of experience. Junior vacancies include floorhands, drilling fluid operators and assistant drillers, but we also recruit highly specialized experts like senior toolpushers and subsea engineers.

Offshore & onshore positions

WTS Energy places candidates in the world's most important energy-producing regions, both offshore and onshore. While many drilling jobs are contract based, a select number of permanent positions are also available. If you're ready for an exciting new drilling job, contact us to discuss your skills, ambitions and preferred geographies.

Our vacancies