Qualified personel

Qualified Personel

When a large group of qualified, Contracted Personnel is required for a project, or simply there is a need to transition certain functions or a team to an external supplier, WTS Energy can build a project specific operation in partnership with the client.

We will not only identify, employ, mobilize and manage the group seconded to our Clients operations. We shift the focus to keeping the project team motivated, empowered and engaged, directly influencing our client’s performance.


WTS Energy constantly monitors the outsourced workforce’s productivity, engagement and skill levels and when required, provides adequate training, enabling our clients to operate at a much higher level of productivity and flexibility, while ensuring full compliance with all applicable local regulations.

Our approach is simple

We are not only engage directly and regularly with the team, we also have embraced the most advanced IT technology.

Simple approach
iOS and Android ready

icon cloud mobile
iOS and Andriod ready

Our IT Platform enables us to instantly and from any location, track every Workforce Management project via a Cloud based Data Room service.

Clients can directly access information about to the workforce’s agreed KPI’s (i.e. composition, HSE compliance, work ethics, department allocation, language skills..), from any smart phone, tablet or PC, in a transparent and auditable environment.

“A performance driven culture with heightened transparency facilitates increased workforce engagement and productivity, targeted training to address knowledge gaps while keeping costs low”

Monitoring Workforce Performance
from your/any smartphone

Smartphone monitoring workforce performance

Managing the Workforce

The flexibility or our IT Platform also allows us to manage the workforce of alternative business partners through our Project Operations System; this effectively enables us to become a Vendor Management System provider by consolidating other vendors/suppliers under one umbrella.

The results is extended compliance, better management and reduced costs.

Managing the workforce

“WTS Energy’s Workforce Management Solutions enables our customers to improve workforce productivity, identify performance gaps. So they can deliver targeted competency training by engaging with the labor force and leveraging the power of advanced analytics and Cloud based technology”


Standard Support Services
(Talent identification, mobilization and operational support)

Global reach

Project Specific Operation

Bespoke Cloud-based Data Room


Vendor Management Capabilities


Shorter time-to hire
Reduced operational costs

Any country, any location, any project phase, any scale

Engaged workforce / Increased performance

Collaborative Environment
Full transparency and auditability
Assured Compliance

All benefits mentioned above extended to
other labor suppliers

Features and benefits

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