Onshore / Offshore

Onshore / Offshore

Our oil and gas industry database includes applicants from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, as well as North and South America and the Asia Pacific region. We can provide both local experts as well as international consultants.

We recruit for offshore and onshore roles, including both contracted and permanent positions. The candidates in our oil and gas industry database cover a wide range of specialties, like refinery, exploration and production, health and safety, engineering, executive management and more.

WTS Energy’s recruitment campaigns have the following characteristics:


  • Global recruitment team
  • Clear process, KPI’s and timeline
  • Experience in Middle East, Asia, Africa and Western World
  • Interviews in convenient locations like: London, Amsterdam, Houston, Dubai, Seoul, Mumbai
  • Total Candidate & Response handling
  • Focus on Western engineers & Asian engineers
  • True Client supplier partnership
  • External advertising management (jobsites & newspapers)
WTS Energy`s global recruitment campaigns

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