Senior Process Operator

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  • Regions
  • Country Ghana
  • City Accra
  • Type of Employment Contract
  • Job number WTSmvan11372

About the job

Senior Process Operator

Execute safe and efficient operation of process plant.


Area of responsibility covers monitoring of production plant or in the process plant. 

  • Follow  PTW system, rules, regulations and work procedures applicable to his responsibilities
  • Execute and coordinate actions to maintain utilities and energy sources necessary to support daily production.
  • Assist to organize and control operation of process plant, PCR and relevant utility systems
  • Execute performance and compliance testing of wells, diagnosis and optimization of production systems
  • Monitor and control process plant with minimum down time
  • Operate and monitor process plant, relevant utility systems, PCR. Perform troubleshooting
  • Operate and monitor safety control systems
  • Operate, monitor and troubleshoot subsea well control systems
  • Inform CCR of any changes in process parameters that may affect the cargo quality or  significantly affect effluent water quality
  • Prepare required reports, keep logs and maintain appropriate documentation
  • Gather and compile data for daily production reports and maintain a comprehensive log of all production activities
  • Analyze production report figures
  • Assist in meeting of Production Objectives
  • Ensure PCR and process field is kept tidy and in good order
  • Monitor and maintain chemical injection equipment and adjust dosage rates as required
  • Perform process plant and subsea systems start up and shutdown operations
  • Supervise JPOPs to competently perform all production operations independently
  • Supervise and carry out repair work, isolations and planned maintenance, provide correct records of same
  • Monitor pipe work condition via corrosion probe readings, ultrasonic thickness checks and iron counts
  • Perform pigging operations
  • Identify deviations from standard operating conditions and initiate corrective actions
  • Liaise with other departments for coordination of maintenance and operation activities
  • Provide necessary familiarization and on-job training for all personnel in his department
  • Ensure that vendors and contractors are managed safely and effectively
  • Undertake training relevant to the position requirements
  • Ensure personnel qualifications are established and that each individual is given the opportunity of improvement through selective on the job training
  • Member of Emergency Response Team



  • Technical apprenticeship or equivalent training scheme at higher level. Technical qualification as process plant operator
  • Standard of competence according to Competence Assurance Matrix
  • Very good English written and spoken
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