Pump Down Operator

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  • Regions
  • Country United States
  • City Midland
  • Type of Employment Contract
  • Job number WTSBD11381

About the job

Job Summary :
Under moderate supervision, performs such duties as required in the servicing of oil and gas wells and the
maintenance and repair of service units and tools. Having satisfactorily completed all the training requirements
for Trainee Operator, the Assistant Operator will broaden experience on well sites and primary tool maintenance.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties :
1. Operates, under normal conditions, the winch unit for running in and out of the hole; "zeros" tools and monitors
tension meter, cable speed, depth and spooling of cable; understands depth control and weight indicator systems;
uses all winch cable safety controls.
2. Prepares well for service operations, aligns logging unit, installs sheave wheel, threads cable, and connects
multiple tools as required.
3. Learns to select, load and unload required tools and corresponding surface instrumentation for the job.
4. Learns to assist the Engineer in maintenance checks of tools and equipment in the Cell.
5. Participates in inspecting, maintaining and repairing primary tools, service units, and associated equipment
according to the RITE program.
6. Learns to service, maintain, and assist in marking cables.
7. Learns to build bridles and heads.
8. Identifies the surface instrumentation, tools, and associated equipment required to run each service in the

Marginal Functions:
1. Performs other duties as assigned by direct supervisor
2. Attends and participates in safety meetings as required
3. Keeps and maintains time sheets, and dangerous goods forms current and accurate
4. Keeps up to date on 90% of NEST requirements
5. Performs tool TRIM
Calibrates tools as required


Must have pressure and crane training and live in the Midland/Odessa area.  Previous experience working in a production/wireline group is strongly preferred.  
Previous Experience and Competencies :
May vary from country to country, but the minimum requirement should be:
- High school education or equivalent.
- Evaluation of at least "Satisfactory" on the Trainee/Assistant Operator section of TOPS.
- Minimum of six months as a Trainee Operator.
- Experience in accurately meeting predetermined specifications.
- Understand basic use of volt/ampmeters.

Competencies to be kept current :
1. Presents attitude and appearance in shop and field such as to enhance the Company's image and promote
client relations.
2. Takes instruction in all aspects of the work for which training has been given.
3. Independently pursues opportunities to observe maintenance functions and to practice maintenance skills
4. Provides assistance and guidance to Trainee Operators.
5. Reports all malfunctions or suspected areas of trouble to the appropriate shop personnel and keeps the
Engineer informed at all times.

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