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  • Regions
  • Country United States
  • City Midland
  • Type of Employment Contract
  • Job number WTSBD11417

About the job

Hours: will vary
Rotation will vary
Drivers are primarily responsible for the safe and effective operation of the various types of vehicles. A driver will not drive company vehicles unless he/she has successfully passed an assessment, attended a Driver Training course and given a satisfactory commentary drive.

Drivers report to their supervisor as specified in the crew organization chart.


Complete and follow all journey management standards and Policies. Return all vehicle keys when the vehicle is not in use to the office.

Ensure that you have in your possession your driving license at all times when driving.

Ensure that all national, company speed limits are adhered to.

Report all vehicle faults promptly to your supervisor. Faults should also be reported.

Check the condition of all seat belts daily. Ensure that all passengers are wearing their seat belt and that the vehicle is carrying only the correct number of persons. There must be a seat belt for every person in the vehicle.

Before moving off walk around your vehicle, ensure no one is under it, ensure all personnel are inside, seated and wearing seatbelts.

Wear the correct PPE including overalls, safety boots and gloves when loading or unloading the vehicle



Required: Class A CDL (no endorsements)
Must have a clean driving record and have knowledge on DOT regulations
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