Senior Marine Maintenance Technician

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  • Regions
  • Country United Arab Emirates
  • City Abu Dhabi
  • Type of Employment Contract
  • Job number WTSPV11422

About the job

Job purpose & Scope:

Supervise contractor’s personnel carrying out maintenance and repair work on various marine equipment and facilities in the island. Control the marine shore workshop Supply the contracted maintenance boats by spare parts & tools. Issue material request from warehouse. Record and control the marine direct stock at shore base. In charge of the sea rescue boat activities and carry out the routine maintenance.

Principal Accountabilities:

 a) Supervise contractor’s personnel carrying out all on-shore maintenance and repair work of marine equipment (such as loading buoys, hoses, chains and hawsers, navigational buoys), service harbor equipment including cranes, derricks and fenders. Report progress or irregularities to SubTeam Leader. b) Control the marine warehouse stock level and inform Sub-Team Leader to order. Issue material requisitions, inspect materials upon delivery to ensure compliance with specifications and storing in a proper and orderly manner.
c) Independently; Take charge of the computerized hydrostatic & vacuum hose test operation as per manufacture manual, Log all results and issue the in-house certificate of the spare loading hoses.
d) Supervise the contracted maintenance team, handling team and towing boats during the major campaign of the floating hoses assembly strings. Ensure the implementing of company procedure and safety precaution during campaign stages.
e) Conduct the complete refurbishment of marine breakaway coupling as per manufacture manual. Measure and test all coupling component under the attendance of company third party inspector.
f) Conduct other similar or related duties such as mooring hawser assembly, Cam lock, butterfly valves, pneumatic tools…etc.
g) Take charge of the sea rescue boat during emergencies and oil spill recovery, assisting in rescue and salvage operations.
h) HSE Requirements
  • Regularly check the availability of P.P.E. for helpers, technicians working inside M.S.B.
  • Working as area authority for work permits at M.S.B. for normal jobs or major campaigns such as floating hoses connection, disassembly, water jetting cleaning etc.
  • Ensure the safe procedure for approaching and carrying out hoses pressure, vacuum cleaning tests at M.S.B.
  • Assist Port Supervisor for patrolling around the Island beach to report for any approaching oil spills, weeds, or turtle eggs.
  • Conduct high level of sea rescue for any emergency rescue operations as well as assisting for antipollution deployment at sea area if required.
  • Keep a record of the pressurized gas cylinders under company custody including those used at the terminal or onshore and maintain periodical inspection to ensure their test certificates and maintenance are in accordance with company HSE requirement.
  • Responsible for house keeping, waste segregation for Marine shore base and marine yard complying Company waste management system procedure with OHSAS 18001 standard.
Terms and Conditions:
  1. Location - Abu Dhabi 
  2. Type - Contract Hire
  3. Negotiable Salary


Minimum Requirements:
  • Completion of Secondary Technical Education (12 years)
  • Boatswain Certificate or equivalent.
  • 3-4 years experience in Marine maintenance work, preferably as a boson on board ship or foreman on offshore oil industry.
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