Senior Reservoir Engineer

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  • Regions Middle East
  • Country Iraq
  • City Basra
  • Type of Employment Contract
  • Job number WTSPV13599

About the job

Objective (Purpose of Position)
  • In order to effectively manage, supervise and implement the reservoir operation and research projects
  • In order to solve the reservoir  problems and the production problems with relevant engineers on side timely
Working Relationships/Liaisons (Internal and External)
  • Operation contractor
  • Technical support team


  • Production Operation Coordination Center
  • Technical  Support Team
  • Drilling Department
  • Completion & Work over Department
Key Accountability and Objectives/Results:
  • To plan and implement reservoir research work, and coordinate with technical support team to complete the reservoir studyreservoir performance study and reservoir simulation.
  • Be responsible for oilfield reservoir and production performance analysis and report, including monthly reservoir performance analysis report, annual report etc.
  • Organize and write reports of relative fields, including the research and management of new wells, work over and stimulation wells.
  • Keep abreast of the technical development of reservoir in the world and apply new technique to solve the problems in the field.
  • Responsible for the operation progress, quality control of the projects, and report the progress to the superiors, and solve the problems and give suggestions
Measurement (Quantitative / Qualitative):
  • Complete the various reservoir study timely.
  • Complete the reservoir performance report timely
  • Complete the reservoir design for new wellswork over well and stimulation operation
  • The results of new methods
  • The project quality, timing and cost control
Capability Requirement:
  • Fluent oral English and be able to listening, reading, speaking and writing in English, Have a good ability on quality control, project control and cost control.
  • Having good communication and coordination ability, having clear mind and logical thinking on discussion and writing.
Terms and Conditions:
  • Employment Type: Direct Hire
  • Contract Duration: Yearly Renewable
  • Rotation: 6 Weeks On followed by 3 Weeks Off.
  • Location: Iraq


Position Requirement:
Education Background: Bachelor Degree or above in Petroleum Engineering
Work Experience: 5 years’ work experience related to reservoir and management. Ability to arrangement and coordinate. 
Knowledge Requirement:
  • Mastering the knowledge of reservoir engineering, be familiar with the knowledge of technical service contract and its management system; understand the management procedures of Oil Company.
  • Ability in quality, progress, cost management and control of project.
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