Electrical Foreman

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  • Regions
  • Country United Arab Emirates
  • City Abu Dhabi
  • Type of Employment Contract
  • Job number WTSZM17741

About the job

Job Purpose:
Directs, controls and participates in carrying out maintenance and repair of electrical equipment on offshore installation and/or marine craft.
[Work covers maintenance and repair of dead/live HV and LV equipment up to 11 KV such as switch-gears, transformers and associates and ancillary equipment.]
Principal Accountabilities
  • Directs and supervises planned and breakdown electrical maintenance work carried out by electricians and contractors' personnel on company's marine craft and/or offshore installations, as required, including supervising the repair and maintenance of such equipment at the Abu Dhabi workshop ensuring that work is done according to the company's specifications and standard/regulations.
  • Issues and controls isolation certificates/electrical work permits in accordance with company's safety regulations and the general rules relative to control and safe operation and maintenance of electrical apparatus on power network.
  • Diagnoses and rectifies electrical faults on electrical equipment on site or in workshop, as applicable such as generating equipment, various types of motors, electronic control systems, instrumentation, telephone and communication systems, various types of A/C alternators, resistance, contacts, wiring systems etc.
  • Diagnoses faults and guides electricians in the repair of switch boards, faulty breakers, earth linkages, alarm systems, and ensures proper functioning of navigational/directional lighting on marine craft or offshore installations at all times.
  • Ensures availability of adequate supplies of stores and spare parts required for maintenance and repair work and initiates necessary materials requisitions for replenishment of stock.
  • Ensure that the safety equipment are will maintained, in ready working condition and ensures compliance with company safety regulations.
  • Performs other related duties such as training subordinates, reading and interpreting AC and DC circuit diagrams, preparing preliminary drawings of circuits, ensuring that emergency batteries are changed at all times etc.
Terms and Conditions
  • Location: Abu Dhabi
  • Rotation: 28 days ON/ 28 days OFF
  • Contract Hire


  • Secondary education followed by 3 years formal training in electrical trade
  • 5 years' experience in electrical maintenance and repair work of HV/LV electrical equipment
  • Good knowledge of English
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