Senior Turbine and Compressor Controls Technician

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  • Regions
  • Country United Arab Emirates
  • City Abu Dhabi
  • Type of Employment Permanent
  • Job number WTSZM17954

About the job

Job Purpose:  
Schedule and direct a crew of Maintenance Technicians; train and provide work direction and guidance while performing work. Receives daily assignments from Instrument Supervisor and reports back to him.
Principal Accountabilities  
  • Schedule and direct a crew of Maintenance Technician involved in craft specialties.
  • Provide training, work direction and guidance while performing work in one or more of the skilled trades.
  • Assist supervisor in scheduling work and determining needs for equipment and supplies.
  • Report to supervisor regarding work completed referring unusual technical or personnel issues to the supervisor.
  • Provide input to performance reviews; monitor work of assigned crew members.
  • Assure compliance with appropriate safety practices and procedures and with applicable regulations and requirements.
  • Inspects, tests, adjusts and repairs electrical, electronic, mechanical, and pneumatic instruments and systems used to indicate, record and control generating operations in the Oil and Gas plant. Inspects meters, indicators and gauges to detect abnormal fluctuations. Instruments include different types of field devices (Pressure, temperature, level, flow, F&G devices, control valves, shutdown valves etc.)
  • Tests accuracy of flowmeters, pressure gauges, temperature indicators, controllers and other recording, indication or controlling instruments to locate defective components in system, using test equipment such as pressure gauges, mercury manometers, potentiometers, pulse and signal generators, oscilloscopes, ammeters and voltmeters.
  • Traces out and tests electronic solid state components to locate defective parts in analog and digital, or protection monitoring systems, using test equipment, schematics and maintenance manuals.
  • Removes defective instruments from system, decontaminates, disassembles and cleans instruments and replaces defective parts using hand tools.
  • Calibrates readings on instruments according to standards and adjusts phasing and aligns stages to ensure accuracy of reading and indicating functions.
  • Records calibrations made, parts and components used, and inventory parts on hand.
  • Resolves vibration probe faults on running equipment.
  • Replaces input/output modules of machines control systems.
  • Prepares schematic drawings, sketches and reports to reflect changes or alterations made in instruments, circuits and systems.
Terms and Conditions
  • Location: Abu Dhabi
  • Direct Hire


  • Minimum Diploma in Instrumentation and Control
  • 5+ years' experience in maintenance of instruments and control systems including microprocessor based system related to turbomachinery: Engine Management System, Rotating Equipment, Gas Turbine, Variable Speed Motors and Gas Compressors.
  • Operation and Maintenance experience is a must.
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