Team Leader - Project Engineering

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  • Regions Middle East
  • Country United Arab Emirates
  • City Abu Dhabi
  • Type of Employment Permanent
  • Job number WTSZM18161

About the job

Leads a team of Discipline Engineers providing operations inputs into major projects carried out by Brownfield Division / Pipelines & Towers Projects Division. Provides all Operations Input and ensures its encapsulation into the design for Projects in ASSESS/SELECT and provides engineering inputs / advice for any operational aspect during EXECUTE Stage with appropriate liaison with site as required. Provides Support during preparation of Operation Readiness Plans (ORPS) and participates with CPLD / DED for implementation of new initiatives / ideas into pilot projects.
  1. Principal Accountabilities
  • Leads reviews of project scope, documentation / packages at each VAP stage of the project and provides operational input by enabling appropriate discipline engineers participation.
  • Ensures that operational inputs are captured and implemented throughout various phases of the project until final hand over to respective site. 
  • Initiates, Leads, Interacts and Executes various PEER Reviews / Studies initiated within POSD by interacting with External Consultants / Contractors.
  • Directs and supervises the activities of discipline engineers and allocates them to various project reviews.
  • Assumes supervisory responsibilities as deemed necessary by the line manager.
  • Liaises with planning engineer for initiating Budget Request (BR) and Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) for POSD assigned schemes/ PEER reviews.
  • Monitors the financial commitments throughout different phases of the PEER reviews / studies.
  • Leads the review of Engineering Document submittals during DEFINE/EXECUTE and injects operational input into the design.
  • Leads the Delivery of the requested Engineering Services to the operations teams / representatives to support operations viewpoints from an Engineering perspective.
  • Provides representatives in all major Engineering reviews like Design review, HAZOP’s, HAZID’s, PHSSER’s, 3D Model Reviews (30, 60, & 90%), SIL Studies, Start-up Reviews, AMHAZ etc,.
  • Acts a Focal Point for all operations inputs into all ASSESS / SELECT Stage studies to ensure that operations perspective is encapsulated early in the design.
Company :  State Owned Oil Company 
Location  :   Abu Dhabi
Type       :   Staff Role


  • Bachelor Degree in relevant Engineering (Chemical / Mechanical / Control) discipline or equivalent.
  • 10-15 years experience in Oil & Gas Engineering, Personal PC skills.
  • Good communication and presentation skills.
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