Production Optimization Specialist

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  • Regions
  • Country Venezuela
  • City San Fernando
  • Type of Employment Contract to Permanent
  • Job number WTSBD24920

About the job

 Reports to the Country Manager in the San Fernando Office The Production Optimization Specialist is directly responsible for maximizing the onshore field oil rate performance of wells and facilities on a day to day basis. These responsibilities will be carried out in accordance with Company commercial, production, safety and environmental goals.
Key Job Responsibilities
  • Operate the facilities in a safe and prudent manner so as to minimize the risk to personnel, company property and the environment.
  • Carry out the activities of the operating company and it's subsidiariesin accordance with company policies & procedures.
  • To maximize the production levels at the onshore field at all times
  • - Ensure every well is pumping at its maximum oil rate through continuous optimization including fluid level monitoring well testing, downhole and surface equipment modifications
  • Well Simulations- Plan the success case pump design for all the onshore wells post stimulation. Anticipate the problems associated with successful stimulations including sand production, inadequate lift, artificial lift type, sizing and spares. Work with the small in-country team take to get the well/pumping systems optimized under the post stimulation conditions.
  • Water Injection pilot work– plan the well lift design for successful water flood pilot responses at wells offset to the pilot injection wells. Assist in the waterflood pilot start-up and continuous operation.
  • Identify and procure well lift optimization technology applications such as Pump-off control, Variable frequency drives and field specific artificial lift enhancements for immediate cost-effective application in the field.
  • Provide Leadership and training to the field operations crew to ensure best practices in well optimization are implemented.
  • Ensure that all spare materials, downhole pumps, rods, field chemicals, fuels, lubricants, lab supplies, etc are maintained at adequate levels to minimize downtime.
  • Anticipate  field and well downtime scenarios and plan for power outages to maintain maximum oil production.
  • Perform tasks and duties as directed by the Country Manager.


Must have strong experience with production optimization,
beam pumps and stripper wells in mature oilfields.  Also must have 10-15 years of experience managing a small, diverse Caribbean work force.
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