Engineering and Construction Manager

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  • Country Nigeria
  • City other
  • Type of Employment Contract
  • Job number WTShelen.uk25184

About the job

·         Responsible for the major Contractor’s activities related to engineering, procurement, fabrication, and installation.

·         Champion a “no incident” HSE mind set and deliver excellent HSE performance.

·         Define and manage the site team required to manage HSE, QA/QC, inspections, interfaces, and document control through the execution of the project in accordance with the Project Execution Plan and contractual requirements.

·         Supervision of the engineering, fabrication and installation of the facilities.

·         Ensure that engineering, fabrication, and installation activities are planned and executed to safeguard the integrity of safety, health of personnel, and the environment.

·         Ensure that the facilities are designed and built in accordance with the project specification and the requirements of the Nigerian Authorities.

·         Ensure that safety studies, assessment of safety critical elements, risk analysis, availability studies, and failure mode analyses are carried out in accordance with the project specifications.

·         Identification of any interfaces having bearing on other contractors

·         Ensure that operational input and lessons learned are incorporated in the design.

·         Assist the Operations team in preparing and executing the offshore commissioning

·         Manage all interfaces and active participation in solving any problems related thereto, including coordination with regulatory bodies, NNPC, and internal/external stakeholders to ensure all permits and approvals are obtained timely.

·         Acceptance of facilities after installation.

·         Ensure the Contractor’s activities and deliverables are compliant with the Contract including management of safety and environmental issues.

·         Reporting of progress, deviations and areas of concern to the Project Manager.

·         Observe any threats to the execution of the work and assist the Contractor’s management in formulating effective and timely remedial action.

·         Responsible for strict Management of Change and make recommendations to the Project Manager on potential Variation Orders.

·       Ensure understanding, acceptance and visible commitment to HSE standards by the Contractor.



  • 15 years of experience in engineering management, project management or construction management in the offshore industry in an appropriate position.
  • MS Degree in Engineering preferred, or BS.
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