Senior Development Geologist

  • Regions
  • Country United Kingdom
  • City Aberdeen
  • Type of Employment Permanent
  • Job number WTSomolara.25185

About the job

Job Overview:

We seek a Development Geologist to join our subsurface team to play a key role in the maximisation of value from subsurface assets. Applicants are invited with a minimum of 15 years’ industry experience, excellent geological interpretation skills, proven experience in geo-modelling, demonstrated work in field development.

  Job Responsibilities:

  • Perform reservoir characterization studies of clastic and carbonate sediments, gas and/or oil-bearing, reservoirs.
  • Integrate geological, petrophysical, geophysical and all geoscience data to create static geo-cellular models.
  • Perform well location assessment, wellbore trajectory planning for highly deviated and horizontal wells, develop subsurface well prognosis estimates.
  • Determine well requirements and data acquisition including logs, cores and other subsurface geological information.
  • Define perforation intervals with the reservoir development team.
  • Estimate in-situ resources, reserves and contingent resources with their respective categories.
  • Ability to work effectively and cooperatively within multidisciplinary teams of other professionals in all aspects of field development, reservoir characterization and reservoir management.
  • Interpretation of core description and conventional core analysis.
  • Perform stratigraphic correlations. Interpretation of logs and its validation using core data.
  • Perform formation evaluation studies by integrating available usual wireline logs, borehole image log, core data and any other supplemental information


  • Minimum Education: BS Geosciences. Advanced Degree Preferred Major Geology.
  • Solid background in Development Geology and Reservoir Characterization.
  • At least 5 years relevant oil industry experience with some or all with an operator essential.
  • Proven experience in mapping and modelling reservoirs, integrating seismic, log and core data with statistical analysis essential.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of geocellular modelling are a must (geostatistics, rock properties modelling, etc)
  • Candidate should be familiar with:
    • Geoframe/equivalent
    • Petrel or RMS
    • IP/Petrophysic Interpretation tool
  • Enthusiastic when working in a multidisciplinary team
  • Experience in oil and gas reservoir characterization or development, reserves estimates, core description, petrography, or petrophysics is an advantage.
  • Previous experience of working assets in Nigeria
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