Business Analyst

  • Regions Asia
  • Country Malaysia
  • City KL
  • Job number WTSziad.moh25191

About the job

Job Purpose

Reports to the Head of Planning & Corporate Services, which is responsible to lead and drive the development of strategic insights and foresighting, with objective to assist  to develop and shape strategic plans and activities to support company . In pursuing this objective, the main responsibilities focus on developing and analyzing internal strengths and capabilities, key industry trends, issues and challenges, industry trends/megatrends and outlook, emerging business opportunities and threats for competitive positioning, and business development; as well as establishing networking and relationship to create effective alliances/collaboration with different level of internal and external stakeholders.

 Job Accountabilities:

Job Accountabilities:
Broad scanning of external environment to identify trends and disruptive forces
Lead the broad-scanning of external environment by surfacing key insights relevant and signposts (i.e. industry trends, megatrends and outlook and structural changes) of the industry to assess the impacts and implications to COMPANY positioning and strategic direction, which will be incorporated in the form of alerts or reports.
Quality and timely sharing of strategic insights, (ii) Timeliness of response to stakeholders on specific business
Advisory on energy and industry-related matters to provide informed views on insights and external environments and to facilitate decision making
Develop and enhance analytical insights, primary hypotheses, key findings, insights and proposed solutions on strategic and business issues related to the oil & gas industry by developing preliminary hypotheses, validating and enhancing analytical focus & insights especially those that have implications to COMPANY.
Lead high level advisory as and when necessary to the Top Management, the Division, Business ExCos and Strategic planners on relevant industry issues by providing in-depth and refined analysis, strategic and thought provoking insights related to the industry that may impact COMPANY business strategy and competitive positioning and future growth.
Number of periodic engagements, (ii) Quality and timely sharing of strategic insights, (iii) Timeliness of response of stakeholders on specific business, (iv) Feedback from the stakeholder/s, (iii) Timeliness of response to stakeholders on specific business issues
External Environment Analysis for Annual Planning Exercise and Corporate Portfolio & Strategy Review
Lead the development of strategic insights, on current trends and outlook required for Annual Planning Exercise & PD&T Portfolio Strategic Review through analyzing current and emerging industry trends, business issues, early warning signals as well as emerging business opportunities & threats which may influence the industry landscape and thus impact COMPANY’ strategy and competitive position.
Quality of insights, (ii) Quality of engagements with Top Management, Corporate and Business Heads/Planners, (iii) Number of engagements with Top Management, Corporate and Business Heads/Planners
Building Alliances via Networking and Relationship Building with Stakeholders
Manage and support Strategic alliances and effective working relationship with Federal/State Governments establishing pro-active and effective formal and informal networking and relationship building with key/high-level personnel from Federal/State Governments, business institutions/associations, key industry players, to name a few, to create alliances and effective working relationship that could benefit and deliver value to COMPANY.
Frequency and effectiveness of engagements with stakeholders/partners, (ii) Achieve alignment on issues
Industry Projection & Scenario Analysis
Develop Scenario and industry projection by providing insights on key underlying factors shaping the industry to stress test current COMPANY strategic positioning as well as to identify key long term business opportunity and threats
Lead and manage industry database on E&P and gas industries as well as relevant industry indicators by leveraging on in house resources as well as by tapping the information obtained through networking with third parties (other industry players, industry experts and consultants) to ensure fast retrieval of information which are needed for further analysis and decision making
Comprehensiveness of database, (ii) Accuracy and credibility of information
 Capability Building
To train on research methodologies, research expertise and analytical capabilities by being the subject matter “staff” on the subject matter and to conduct regular training programs and sharing sessions and to continuously improve and adopt best practices in order to promote a consistent and disciplined application within teams and to institutionalize research capability.



BS degree Or equivalent.  
Professional qualification (CFA, ACCA, CA or ICAEW) or advanced degree (MBA, PhD) would be an advantage
Minimum of 15 years of working experience in related consultancy/research fields. Competencies:
Advanced research skills with strong analytical skills
Demonstrate “T-Shaped” potential (both breadth of knowledge and capability to dive deep into a business)
 Ability to communicate and advocate business strategies effectively, both verbally and in writing
Demonstrate confident interpersonal skills with potential to develop strong working relationships at all levels within the organisation
Exhibit strong leadership characteristics
Flexible, willing and enthusiastic to work on a range of different projects and tasks

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